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H20 Honor Roll Members

Bernice Mathews Elementary School
Ms. Carano's Fourth Grade Class
Water Saving Tip: Use a water bottle instead of the drinking fountain so the water doesn't get wasted down the drain.

Caughlin Ranch Elementary School
Ms. McMillen's Sixth Grade Class
Water Saving Tip 1:Remember to reduce the watering time on your sprinklers once the weather cools off in September.
Water Saving Tip 2: Watch the weather and on those lucky days when it rains, remember to turn your sprinklers off.
Water Saving Tip 3: Hand water dry areas instead of letting the hose run for hours.

Mt. Rose Elementary
Ms. Behm's Second Grade GATE Class
Water Saving Tip: Turn off the water when brushing your teeth and use a wash cloth to wash your face.
Ms. Behm's Third Grade GATE Class
Water Saving Tip: Place a bucket in the shower to catch the water while it warms up. Use the water from the bucket to water plants or wash your pet.
Ms. Behm's Third Grade GATE class
Water Saving Tip: Collect rainwater in a bucket and use it to water indoor or outdoor plants.


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