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     • H2O Honor Roll
     • Junior Water Watcher Program


H2O Honor Roll Program:

Responsible water use is the right thing to do. We live in a desert after all! We invite your class to join the H2O Honor Roll by discovering and sharing creative ways to save water inside and outside their homes at TMWA’s interactive Web site:

All participating students will be listed on the H2O Honor Roll.

H2O Honor Roll Instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the bubbles and learn how to save: Ask students to take 10 minutes to explore the Web site, clicking on the floating bubbles to learn how others in the community are saving.
  3. Save your favorite tips in your bucket: Ask students to save their favorite water-saving tips in their personal online bucket by clicking on the appropriate link.
  4. Print out your tips: Ask students to print out their list of water-saving ideas to take home with them and post on their refrigerator as a reminder. Encourage them to share the ideas with their families and to create a plan that will reduce their water consumption.
  5. Submit a personal tip: Ask students to submit their own water-saving tips by clicking on the appropriate link. Tips will be reviewed and the most clever ideas will be published on the Web site.
  6. Submit a class tip on-line: In order to join the H2O Honor Roll, think of at least one tip that your class would like to submit. Submit the tip at
  7. E-mail your tip and classroom information: In order to qualify for H2O Honor Roll, please send the following information to

    • School name
    • Teacher’s full name
    • Teacher’s email address
    • Teacher’s phone number or extension
    • Number of students in class
    • School address
    • Water-saving tip(s)

Optional H2O Honor Roll Activity:

  1. Select you favorite water-saving tip: Ask students to select their favorite water- saving idea from their bucket and put it into practice at home for a week
  2. Track your progress: Ask students to keep a record of their water-saving project through pictures, journal entries or video
  3. Share your experience : Set time aside the following week for students to share their own findings and observations with the class.
  4. Mail student journals & records to:

TMWA Academy
c/o Olsen & Associates
465 Court St.
Reno, NV 89501

Be sure to include the following information with your submissions:

• School name
• School address
• Teacher’s email address
• Teacher’s phone number or extension
• Number of students in class
• Teacher’s full name

Once TMWA Academy has received your worksheets, class names will be listed under TMWA’s H2O Honor Roll at

Questions? Call 775-834-8290 or email

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